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Charms is an online subscription service paid for by the Band Boosters that is used by many high school bands to manage band communications, calendars and finances. Urbana began using it in 2015 and it is our primary source of information for the band calendar, your family’s personal band budget (PBB) account and volunteer sign-ups. Although we may also communicate via the website and Facebook, the Charms calendar and weekly emails provide most current and accurate information and should be your go-to source.


To access Charms:


  2. Select the “Parents/Students/Members” tab

  3. Enter the school code: UrbanaBand

    • Calendar, volunteer signups, forms and other information is available without a student password

  4. To access your PBB Account, enter your password in “Student Area Password” 

  5. Click the “Update Info” icon to verify/update your family information.

    • Click "parent/guardian" button to verify email address for each parent. This is the only way you will receive the weekly update emails, so please add an adult email for anyone who should receive the updates. 

    • Under "parent/guardian" information please select/update interests on the upper right hand side.

    • Be sure to hit update to save changes.

  6. Click the “Finances” icon on the Home screen to access PBB account information including fees, payments and earnings from fundraisers. Please note payments are not made via Charms. You can make payments by check (payable to Urbana Band Boosters) or credit card (see Treasurer for instructions).

To sync the Charms calendar with your phone or computer calendar:


For iPhones (As of April 2019. Steps may change with software updates.)

  1. Go into Settings

  2. Select "Password & Accounts"

  3. Select "Add Account"

  4. Choose "Other"

  5. Under Calendars, choose "Add Subscribed Calendar"

  6. For Server value, enter:

  7. Touch "Next" in the upper right corner. It will verify the server then show a subscription page. Change the description if you would like. 

  8. Touch "Save" to save the subscription

For Android phones and other devices, follow the manufacturer's instructions for subscribing to a calendar

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