Band Camp

In order to build an award-winning program each year, the band season includes an intensive two-week band camp. Camp is held at Urbana High School during the last weeks of August (see Charms for current schedule). The purpose of Band Camp is to prepare the band for the upcoming competition season. This includes learning the show drill, memorizing music, and mastering marching techniques. Most importantly, the band learns to perform together as a cohesive team during these two intense weeks of hard work (and fun!).

Camp Basics For Students and Parents

Camp begins at 9:00AM sharp each day, plan to arrive by 8:45AM to have time to put away lunch, get out instruments and guard gear and walk to the practice field (aka parking lot).

Pick-up is at 9:00PM each night (yes, your math is correct, that is 12 hours of camp!), but even so, be prepared to wait. They tend to take their time getting the car. Into the second week as the show starts to come together, come a little early and enjoy watching them practice and play. It is amazing the progress they will make!

Hydration is critical! Bring a large, insulated water jug full of ice water each day. There is a fountain available for refills.

Meals: Lunch is 12:00-1:00 and dinner is 5:00-6:00. As band camp is very physical (and often hot), we do not allow any fried fast food, burgers, pizza, soda or energy drinks. Water and Gatorade only! Students may not leave campus for any reason during meals unless approved in advance by the Band Director. Students may bring their lunch and dinner in coolers or parents may deliver it to campus before meal times.

TBD - Band Camp Meals for Purchase: We offer catered meals (dinner only) for purchase. Complete the form (available in the registration packet or on Charms) and turn in payment per the instructions. We can add meals with at least two days notice (i.e., you can sign up for meals during band camp, you just won't be able to sign up and get a meal that same day).

What to Bring

  • Equipment – instrument, drum sticks, flags, rifles, etc.

  • Binder with sheet protectors and pencil

  • Sunblock – apply before you leave the house and reapply often

  • Sunglasses and hat

  • Comfortable, light-colored clothing – no jeans

  • Athletic shoes – no flip flops, sandals, or open-toe shoes

  • Water jug with lots of ice

  • Healthy lunch, dinner, and snacks – nothing fried! Parents can drop off lunch/dinner as well. Drop off time are 12:00 for lunch and 5:00 for dinner

  • Change of clothes as you may get wet-during Band camp Games ( fun time to break up the day)

  • Deodorant

Advice to Parents

  1. Be understanding - your student will be tired and will need help to remember what they need

  2. Do the math: Band Camp provides the equivalent to more than 4 hours of music lessons per day from our qualified staff. The average price of private lessons is $50 per hour. You will soon observe how all of this hard work pays off.

  3. Be grateful: Our dedicated staff also put in the 12 hour plus days and some travel from long distances to work with our students.

  4. Your presence is needed too. There will be meetings and calls for volunteers. We need everyone’s help and have a place for everyone

  5. Be proud members of the Urbana Mighty Hawks Band Family!