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Parent Information

Welcome to the Urbana Marching Band Family! We are excited to have you with us as we support our students during one of the most rewarding experiences they will have in high school. We will provide as much information as possible through Charms, weekly emails, this website and Facebook, but if you can't find the information you are looking for - please ask! Our Band Booster Board is available to answer your questions.

Band Parent Basics

Rehearsal Schedule

We have one source for all scheduling information, and that is through the Charms calendar. Scheduling information may sometimes be repeated in emails, Facebook posts and website pages, but each family should always double-check Charms, as that is the most accurate and up-to-date calendar. 


All rehearsals take place at UHS. We use the band room, auditorium, front parking lot and football stadium (click here for a map). In addition to the during-school band block rehearsals, the band also has rehearsals in the evenings during the week and on some Saturdays during the marching season. Again, see Charms for the current schedule.

Band Camp

We aren't going to lie, it is a tough two weeks. But it's also a lot of fun and a great opportunity to make new friends! See Band Camp for more details.


Competition days are the highlight of the band season. It is at these events that the hard work, talent and dedication of our students and staff are on full display. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • "Call Time" will be announced the week before the event. This it the time that students must report to UHS.

  • The band will typically practice before leaving for competitions. Therefore the call time may be hours before bus departure. Students should plan to clear the whole day for competitions.

  • All students ride to and from the competitions on the band buses. Adult chaperones (volunteers, usually parents) ride the buses with the students and assist them throughout the day as possible - and of course cheer for them when they perform!

  • Parents are encouraged to attend as many competitions as possible cheer like crazy for our kids. Competitions are typically within a 1-2 drive of Urbana and entry fees range between $10 and $30. Pit Crew and Chaperone volunteers get into the competitions for free.


Your Personal Band Budget (PBB) is the yearly financial investment that each family contributes to cover the overall band program costs.

Program Costs 

Running a marching band is an expensive endeavor. Our most significant costs include paying specialist instructors, music/show/props purchase, instrument purchase and repair, color guard equipment and uniforms, percussion equipment purchase, competition fees, trailer and equipment maintenance, and transportation to and from events. The fall budget will be presented at a spring/summer Band Booster meeting (see Charms for schedule).


Each year, Urbana Marching Band PBB ranges between $650 and $850, depending on planned trips and competitions. New members will pay an additional $150 uniform fee and returning members will pay a $50 uniform fee. Other fees based on instrument/role will be communicated individually (e.g., gloves, shoes, color guard accessories, Freshmen concert band PBB, etc.). We provide a payment schedule to help spread out the payments, and fundraising opportunities are available to help offset some/most/all of your PBB.



Charms is an app that is used by many high school bands to manage band communications, calendars and finances. Urbana began using it in 2015 and it is our primary source of information for the band calendar, your family’s personal band budget (PBB) account and volunteer sign-ups. Although we may also communicate via the website and Facebook, the Charms calendar and weekly emails provide most current and accurate information and should be your go-to source.

Weekly Email

Most Mondays, the Boosters will send out an email with band news, volunteer requests and schedule reminders. The only way you can get these emails is by having an up-to-date profile in Charms. Even if you are a returning parent, please check your Charms profile and update as needed.


Our Facebook group is @UrbanaHSBand and is a great place to share photos and connect with other band families. Although questions regarding scheduling and band activities may be asked and answered on the Facebook group page, we strongly recommend that families refer to the Charms calendar for this information. The Facebook page will not be regularly monitored by our volunteers. Please note that any other Facebook groups (e.g., @UrbanaMightyHawksMarchingBand) are not administered by the Urbana Band Boosters and we take no responsibility for their content.


We depend on you for the continuing success of this program! Please see the Volunteer page for more information on how to get involved.

Spirit Wear

At the beginning of each season, the band will partner with a vendor to offer UHS Band merch for students and their families. Look for announcements before and during band camp from Mr. Harrison, in the weekly emails and at Band Booster meetings. The window for ordering is typically short so that we can get band t-shirts to the students early in the season.

How You Can Help your Student

  • Especially for incoming Freshmen, adjusting to high school life can be hard. Be supportive as they work to balance the demands of school, band, home and other activities.

  • Read the weekly email. We do our best to keep you informed, but there is only so much communicating we can do. The rest is up to you.

  • Attend competitions and cheer for our kids.

  • Ensure your student arrives to rehearsals and competition call-times on time and ready to perform.

  • Make sure your student takes care of their health by eating well, staying hydrated and getting plenty of sleep.

  • Volunteer! There are so many ways to get involved and support the program. You will never regret time spent being involved in your child's activities and supporting an organization that is making a huge, positive impact on them.

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